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Getting Confirmed Meeting With UK Buyers

Hello Everyone,

I am going to present to you the Booked Meeting With one or more Confirmed UK Buyers Business Model

If you have your own Business (selling tangible or intangible products) and you are looking either to get your first UK buyer or get more ones, we can fulfil this need.

The steps are as follow:

  • We get in touch regarding your Business, with simple details.
  • Once the situation is clear to each party, we can move ahead and start having more detailed information
  • We need to sign a simple Agreement stating all the services and how/when they'll be delivered.
  • We bring to you the confirmed Buyer from UK and close the deal (the details of this process will be explained to you during our first call)


You Should consider paying 497 £ Upfront as a Fee (as agreed in the discussion). Then the remainder should be paid accordingly





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