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One of our business partners experts in this industry to offer you a free consultation about how to start exporting, penetrate new markets, or any other topic related to international trade.

Below are quick tips and techniques to grow your business on an international level:

- Know very well the top 3 importing countries of your goods

- Focus on them, study them, and start networking to build your top 10-20 clients/importers.

- Start with them, get to know more their needs, always build rapport with either the purchasing department 

- It's like any transaction, it's about people and being transparent, listening to your business partners and understanding what they really need and want will open the doors to other opportunities.

- It's always good to start with small to medium transactions then increase it to plant a flag in the new market, either as a distributor or direct representative. It pays well your efforts to create recurring and long term orders.


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