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How to get new importers & distributors worldwide

Need more worldwide distributors/importers for your products? Please follow the below step-by-step video (please share it to help others):


- You may choose the products/services in (once logged in) you're providing to know your preferred markets.

- Please choose the import section, HSC code of your product, best targeted market, choose companies

- Select clearly what's your specific product and filter more your potential buyers.

- Aim specific companies and get their contact details

- Please do not limit your search using only this mean, so a deeper research about your top 5-10 potential importers: use your preferred search engine to get their news, get to know their decisions makers, their motto, what they like/dislike, etc... in simple words: treat them as you like the way your business partners treat you (they simply care about you & your interests)


In the below video there's a live tutorial about a random product to be sold worldwide (coffee) and chosen Germany as a targeted market (since we've seen previously that it's a stable importing market of coffee) to get the contact details of the importers and distributors there.


Please choose the right information that best suits your search, you may edit & use it


How to get in touch with us for further assistance:


+1-424-208-0297 (phone/WhatsApp)






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