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Introduction to export - part 1

Hello all,

In this post, we're going to make a quick introduction about the export, some intro and some tips.



In a nutshell, exporting is the process of selling product(s) or services in foreign markets.



Foreign markets impose strong discipline on firms which encourage competition and efficiency of operations. Individuals/firms/companies of a nation engage in export trade in order to achieve the following objectives among others:

  • To earn foreign exchange;
  • To increase profitlevels;
  • To expand an existingbusiness;
  • To gain access to bigger more profitablemarkets
  • To tap vast exportpotentials;
  • To reap economies of large scaleproduction;
  • To exploit opportunities of newmarket;
  • To support government export promotion andpolicies;
  • To finance economic activities of thenation;
  • To even-out cyclicalfluctuations;
  • Gain internationalesteem;


In the next articles, you will find more helpful tips.



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