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Introduction to export - part 3

In this article, we will see how the process of export works:




Farmers and Growers of farm produce/Manufacturers: These people are the ones that make the actual growing of the crops for export/final products. Most of the times, they don’t do the actual export directly but sell either directly to the exporters or to a local sourcing agent who sources independently or for a big export company.

Local Sourcing Agents from Farmers: These are people who source for product from local farmers/manufacturers. They usually have very good and close relationship with farmers/manufacturers and as such, they do this with very high advantage even in times when they have no money can still get things done and that is why some big exporters will always make use of their services. Beginner/Expert professional who either, with little or no money or do not want to use their own funds, are usually found in this category as their knowledge is the only thing required here.

Exporters: These are people who are into the actual moving of goods out to the foreign countries to receive hard currencies in exchange.

Export forwarding Agent: After goods are procured by the exporters, depending on the distance to the port, they will either need to convey goods for trans-load into a container or load directly into a container to be taken to the port. Someone is usually in charge of preparing and making this happen effectively, and this is where the job of an export forwarding agent comes into hand.

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