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Get An Investor Residentship In Canada

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to present to you the new service we're promoting lately for those Investors who are aiming to re-locate to Canada and create their own business there, and offer their family the possibility to live in One of the stable developed countries.

If you are interested in this offered Program by the Canadian Government itself (though its authorized agents), please get in touch with me through this link and get a FREE Session to know more about the various steps if you are eligible.


Benefits of Settling In Quebec:

- Free health care
- World-class education, approx. 90% paid by the government
- A strong and highly diversified economy
- A powerful banking system
- Visa free travel to 171 countries without a visa, once citizen of Canada
- As Canada’s largest province accounting for nearly 25% of the national population, Quebec is a dynamic and prosperous society. In addition to the advantages of living in Canada, Quebec offers:

  •    Fast and efficient process, allowing investors and their families to settle anywhere in Canada;
  •     A vibrant and rich multi-cultural and religious society creating a unique place to raise families;
  •     Excellent education system with preferential fees for permanent residents at world-renowned universities;
  •     Excellent public and private healthcare system;
  •     Canadian passport is one of the most valued passports for international travel;
  •     Unspoiled environment with strict environmental controls;
  •     Comprehensive range of government programs to support business and technological development;
  •     Close integration with US economic markets and NAFTA.


i)                    Possess 2 years of management experience in the past 5 years;

ii)                   Investors must possess a net worth of $1,600,000.00CAD, legally obtained;

iii)                  Be prepared to inject $800,000CAD in the Canadian economy.

When assessing personal net worth, assets may comprise of inheritances as well as the assets of a spouse, Real Estates, Lands, etc...

The Investment process is regulated by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration. Applicants may participate in one of various government approved investment funds.

Approved applicants will be requested to provide evidence of the investment prior to visa issuance. The deposit of $800,000CAD is made by cheque payable to the Receiver General for Canada who will issue an obligation to repay the investor the full amount invested, without interest, upon the expiration of the five-year term. Once the visa is issued the investment is not refundable.


Please get in touch with me through this link and get a FREE Session to know more about the various steps if you are eligible.



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