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Opening Your Own Business in Lithuania


We're presenting to our dear customers the service of Opening Your Own Off Shore Business in Lithuania, with these key benefits:

- Establish Your Business in a very Stable and Rising Economy

- A Euro/SEPA/Schengen country ... Enjoy a stable currency and avoid fluctuation, a Market of more than 500 Million Consumers, you can make Business financial transfers in/to European Banks as easy as at home

- You may esatblish and run your Business without going there. You can open a New Business or even open a Branch and benefit from the Tax Treaties With 50 Major Markets including US, Europe, China

- Benefit from 7 Free Economic Zones

- You may get a Temporary Residence to one of the Stable Europen Countries once you meet certain requirements when you establish your business there. A quick process


For More Information about this service, please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with more details and show you the process to do it. Please consider to pay 300 € Upfront as a Fee (as agreed in the discussion). Then the remainder should be paid accordingly.


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